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Jul. 19th, 2013 08:51 am
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So, i decided start to using this blog since yesterday when I discovered how easy and delicate it could be... I dont think i'll do my LJ as adorable as this blog.This sounds weird, i know, i don't write all the time but when i got this oppotunity i do with feeling. But, gabi -my friends would ask me-, why did you stay creating a lot of blogs in a many sites? Its simple. I know that every little time i write how i'm feeling or thinking about my way of life, its like a therapy and makes me feel more confortable with my self. And when i looked at the DW from a friend, i thought, 'oh! thats really lovely!' . I created this, at first, just to read the DW of my beloved Maru , but now, i'll use this blog for prectice my english vocabulary and put out what i'm feeling.

 :) <3
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I'll probably not use this journal for write what i'm feeling or thinking. i created this for read ~friends-only~ friends. Anyway, you can find me in my livejournal http://soprodepetalas.livejournal.com/ :)


edit~ omg! its so cute this journal :o


call me for a wee and sweet name that reminds you of delicate flowers with thorns, of course.
or gabi.

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